Stop Using Celebrities To Entice The Public To Gamble – Gaming Commission Warns

The Ghana Gaming Commission has given the various betting companies a cautionary advise to stop using celebrities to entice the public to gamble.

According to the betting companies in a newly released statement privy to, betting companies must stop using celebrities for advertisement or sign them on ambassadorial roles.

Per their new directives, it is highly prohibited for people with huge fan base in the nation to be involved in such activities with the aim of luring people into betting.

“Operators shall not use celebrities in their advertisements to entice the general public to gamble.
“To ensure the new guideline is followed all advertisement must be approved by the commission to help protect not only underage persons but the interests of punters, customers and stakeholders,” part of the statement read.

Aside the friendly advise, there are some restrictions on how betting advertisement are to be broadcasted.
Now, simply ask it cherish viewers that is it right to interfere and limit people’s business in such manners? Your thoughts are warmly welcomed.