Guru Narrates How A Careless Nurse Contributed To The Death Of His One Day Old Baby

Controversial Ghanaian rapper, Guru has sadly recounted how he lost his baby.


The ‘Mpaebo’ hitmaker told ZionFelix in an interview that the baby eventually died a day after he was born. He said that after her girlfriend gave birth, no one was around to help and that led to the eventual death of his baby.

He furthered that the baby first was in a critical condition that he couldn’t breath and so doctors placed on oxygen on him.
He continued that while the oxygen was on the baby, the mother left to shower and the nurse who was on duty also left the room and the baby struggled and removed the oxygen.

He recalled he was performing at events when the sad incident happened about five (5) years ago. He made this known while naming the sacrifices he has offered to the Ghana music industry