You Will Definitely Go Mad If ‘Wee’ Smoking Is Not Your Calling – King Ayisoba

Popular Ghanaian Traditional Musician,King Ayisoba has warned netizens who smokes wee to desist from it especially those who blood are not compatible with the herb.

According to Albert Apoozore as known in real life, he started smoking weed at his tender age and he has realized that it is his calling but to those who just jumped the gun,they are likely to go mad because it is not their calling and the herb is not compatible with their blood.

King Ayisoba explained that ‘wee’ mostly works in the blood so if it is not compatible with your blood,the probability to go mad is very high and the best thing to do is to stay away from it.

Indicating in an interview with ZionFelix,he said that even though drinks alcohol,he only takes those that have higher content of weed (Lakar).