See What Has Happened To Ghana Health Service – Photo

It has gotten to out notice that the official website of Ghana Health Service cannot be accessed by users.

It is so unbearable for website owners to see their websites being turned down by hackers. In this case,most people use and spend much time and money in their site just to protect it from hackers. This includes developers of the themes themselves most sites use.

Well,it is reported that the operators in control of Ghana Health Service website has refused to pay for the theme used in making the site look more attractive. According to Tech Educators, the hacking of the site will not affect only the owner of the site but will also affect the users as well as they will not get the access to the site.

It is said that the site is using Jannah Theme version which only cost $45. Developers of the theme, who might be suffering from the loss of revenue from actions from organizations such as the Ministry of Health, or the developers who work for them appear to have gone “Anas style”.

Below is a screenshot of the messed up Ghana Ministry of Health site;

Ghana Health Service