It’s Normal To Experience Erection When Playing A Romantic Role In A Movie – Akrobeto Recounted His Experience

Renowned Kumawood actor, Akwssi Boadi aka Akrobeto has stated it clear that having an erection on set while shooting movie as a man is nothing new to the old actors in the game.

Commenting on Salinco’s revelation that he once had an erection on set because of Vivian Jill, Akrobeto said that as a new actor, when you are given a role to play romance with women, it is normal to see an erection.

Recounting his own experience, he said that Miracle Films once gave him a role to play as a rich person and he was with women in a swimming pool and too his utter suprise, he experienced an erection and so he had to stay in the pool for a while to prevent his colleagues from seeing his erection.

Meanwhile, he added that he is now used to so when he mounts on any set with different kind of women, he feels nothing at all.